A revolutionary paint removal and cleaning process that is quick, efficient and can be used in a wide range of applications without harming the environment
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Environmentally friendly and water soluble Baking Soda
Construction / Industrial
Cars / Motorcycles
Building Maintenance/Renovations/Graffiti Removal
Cars / Motorcycles
Sodablast will quickly strip or prepare painted surfaces without affecting the substrate, glass, rubber, chrome, engine parts or hydraulics.  This allows for minimal masking. 

Metal surfaces do not experience rapid rusting as the soda does not heat or activate the metal surface. 

It will degrease engine parts without using solvents and will remove carbon deposits without pitting on soft or hard metals.

It is also extremely effective when re-working engine components, heads, alternators, starters, water pumps etc...as well as aluminium wheels and covers. 

                  Before                                         After

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