A revolutionary paint removal and cleaning process that is quick, efficient and can be used in a wide range of applications without harming the environment
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Environmentally friendly and water soluble Baking Soda
Construction / Industrial
Cars / Motorcycles
Building Maintenance/Renovations/Graffiti Removal
Building Maintenance/Renovations/Graffiti Removal
Sodablast removes the need for chemical cleaning.

It is extremely quick and efficient and reduces cleaning costs. 

It will remove paint, oil, grease, graffiti and other contaminants from most surfaces without damaging or changing the original surface.

The soda is water soluble and kind to the environment requiring virtually no preparation or clean up.

Being mobile, we can access hard to reach places and be moved around on-site.

           Before                     During                    After
Graffiti Removal - Before                               After
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