A revolutionary paint removal and cleaning process that is quick, efficient and can be used in a wide range of applications without harming the environment
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Environmentally friendly and water soluble Baking Soda
Construction / Industrial
Cars / Motorcycles
Building Maintenance/Renovations/Graffiti Removal

The Sodablast process can safely remove: - 

  • Paint from Brickwork, Concrete and Steel
  • Grime from delicate surfaces such as marble and sandstone 
  • Built up anti-foul from Fiberglass, Aluminium and Steel hulls
  • Paint from Cars and Aluminium Boats to bare metal in hours
  • Gaffiti easily, without chemicals
  • Dirt, Oil and Grease from Machinery and Plant Equipment
  • Light Powder Coatings  e.g. Pool fences, Dive Equipment etc.. 

Sodablast is a high pressure, non-destructive, air-driven process that removes paint and contaminants. 

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